Pierce The Veil: Live Review & Photos

Vic Fuentes, Pierce The Veil

Pierce The Veil
Manchester Academy
2nd December 2016

They have been touring non-stop since their 2012 breakout album ‘Collide With the Sky’,  and this month it was Manchester’s turn for Pierce The Veil who brought a family vibe to tonight’s show with Creeper and Letlive.

Before his appearance later on with PTV during Tangled in the Great Escape, it is  Jason Aalon Butler of Letlive who raises the bar of tonight’s show, causing chaos and throwing himself into the crowd during That Frantic Fever, only song two of an energetic 9 song set.

Jason Butler, Letlive.

Much of what he does could be considered a gimmick, with no disregard to his safety as he throws himself around the stage once back on firm ground, if the music wasn’t so finely honed and Jason’s lyrics hit hard on social injustices and like many artists recently, America’s President-elect does not come out of things well (This is not our America they protest).

5 years ago,  Pierce the Veil were playing clubs or opening shows, now each show of this UK wide tour sold out weeks in advance with Manchester being the first. With an accompanying retro computer game video, showing the San Diego four-piece “crash-landing” in the city, the band emerge from the wreckage of a spaceship to deafening screams

Tony Perry, Pierce The Veil

Opening with Dive In from the album Misadventures, it captures the essence of the band with high energy and rousing choruses. With tracks addressing love on Texas Is Forever and self-doubt on Sambuka (“I think we’re in over our heads”), Vic Fuentes, front-man & rhythm guitarist, has maintained a style of music over the years, sharper and more polished now which is lapped up by a passionate fan-base who sing each lyric back to the band.

Towards the end of the night, Circles, the single inspired by the tragic circumstances of last year’s terrorist attack at the Bataclan in Paris is warmly received. But it is King For A Day, the groups most famous anthem which makes the show one to remember for many.

They remain a band to divide, but the show is certainly enjoyable and the confetti and smoke cannons all add to the occasion.

Following the long delay to their latest album, they are establishing their own Latino stamped impression on Pop Rock and with a Download Festival debut to come next June, things are moving forward again and the sky wont hope them back.


Find more photos from the show on Flickr here.

Many thanks to Little Press PR for arrangement.ptv-slug

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