Panic! At The Disco – Photos & Live Review

Brendon Urie, Panic! At The Disco
Panic! At The Disco
O2 Apollo, Manchester
Thursday 17th November

A LOT has changed for Brendon Urie in 12 years.

While the theatrical flair remains, Panic! At The Disco is now a solo project in all but name as the rest of the band have left over time. Thankfully, regardless of these challenges, Panic! is back and better than ever with many of the new songs being among the highlights of a sold out show at Manchester Apollo.

Describing the current album, Death Of A Batchelor, as a nod to Sinatra, it is clear to see the inspiration not only musically but in terms of Urie’s showmanship. That is if you could ever imagine the crooner wearing eye liner and doing backflips off the drum riser in his early years.

Panic! At The Disco, O2 Apollo Manchester

It is the albums opener, Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time, that starts the night off with blasts of confetti. With a weighting towards newer material, the setlist does not disappoint, capturing the highs of Urie’s career.

His singing throughout the night was incredible with his falsetto knocking many for six. But it is Urie’s ability to deepen then release his voice which gives credibility to Panic’s music.

A three-piece brass section is introduced for several of the songs, including early hit, Nine In The Afternoon, which all adds to the occasion. There was also the chance for this Las Vegas native to show off his multi-instrumental talents.

He had the time of his life in a striking purple blazer, partaking in a drum-off during the track Crazy=Genius. Credit must also go to all of the band when they cover Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

It has long been a staple of the set and there wouldn’t be many that could top their rendition. When they return after what seems like a long, ear deafening wait for the encore, Brendon teases the crowd with what he says is a song many may not be familiar with.

But once the cello riff kicks into the bands biggest hit, I Write Sins Not Tragedies, the sound rises in the venue and many are thrown back to their emo days of multicoloured hair and checkerboard Vans shoes.

A nice moment is also spared for This Is Gospel, dedicated to former Panic drummer and founding member, Spencer Smith, who left last year to help with his sobriety.

For a good time, look no further than a Panic! At The Disco show. Urie once again proved himself as a great showman, while doing things his own way.

Many thanks to Pomona PR for arrangement.
Appeared in the Weekend section of Warrington Guardian (24th November 2016)

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