Bring Me The Horizon – PHOTOS & LIVE REVIEW

Bring Me The Horizon © Lee Harman
Bring Me The Horizon
Manchester Arena
Tuesday 8th November

It would come as no surprise that Bring Me The Horizon’s set list consisted almost solely of songs from their last two albums, breakout hit Sempiternal and That’s The Spirit, released last year. The move away from the visceral Metalcore roots of old, embracing a more progressive hard rock, and let’s face it, more radio friendly sound are responsible for bands breakthrough, with this autumn’s tour seeing the Sheffield’s finest amongst the big time, filling out Arenas across the UK.

From the off, the band were determined to put on a show of the highest calibre with the first of the multi coloured streamers pumped into the air during opener, Happy Song. Whilst the band were in uniformed dark clothing, the layered staging and giant screen exploded in colour with strong visuals complementing the music throughout the night. The production was excellent but it is a sign of the bands talent that the staging complemented the music and did not overpower the band.

A show with the Steel-City rockers feels like a call to arms, with every lyric shouted back to the stage. There is certainly something very cathartic for the thousands of fans on the arena floor holding their middle fingers in the air during Antivist which hits like a one-two alongside the track Throne, making up two of the heaviest songs of the night which closes the bands main set, no doubt pleasing their older fans and showing they have none of their bite.

Oliver Sykes, Bring Me The Horizon © Lee Harman

It wasn’t long before the band returned and just before the band closed with Drown, a song front-man Oliver Sykes wrote about his battles with personal demons, he said he wanted to high five as many people as he could. For someone so animated jumping across the stage it just wasn’t close enough. Those who weren’t making the most of the final mosh-pits of the night duly obliged. You don’t need to give many an excuse!

A natural progression in their musical style introducing melodic elements has seen the group explode into the wider conscience. The inclusion of Jordan Fish on Keys and production in 2013 brought in so many layers to make the songs sound epic and this is replicated in the live setting, Songs like Shadow Moses with its choir like introduction display a band at the top of their game that don’t want to feel restricted by genres and are performed with full passion.

Last year’s album, That’s The Spirit proved they had the ability to write huge songs that would look at home in the huge arena shows the band deserve to play, and on Tuesday night, they did so with confidence.

Headlining a major festival appears a case of not if, but when.

Many thanks to Chuff Media for arrangement.

An abridged version appears in the Weekend section of Warrington Guardian (17th November 2016)

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