Bowling For Soup Photos & Review


O2 Academy Liverpool
Thursday 4th February

When I found out in 2013 that Bowling For Soup were to be touring for the last time in the UK, my heart sank. For many people my age growing up, it was the likes of the 2001 breakout hit, ‘Girl All The Bad Guys Want’, which was the soundtrack to my youth.

Thankfully, having overcome personal demons, no doubt helped by the kind of support from those found within the sold out academy venue, frontman Jarett Reddick and the rest of this 4 piece were happy to announce they are back for good this time round. With a few more miles on the clock (as well as the pounds), the band played as energetically as they had at the turn of the millennium, guitar played behind the head? Check. Guitar picks stuck on forehead? Check.

With no new album to plug, it was a night for the favourites to be played with great speed, with genre defining classics such as ‘Emily’, ‘Almost’ & ‘1985’, it was a celebration of their work, with every song sung back by the crowd, with many of the songs as old as some of the youths brought along for their first rock show with their parents.

As one of the early trailblazers of the “Pop-Punk” genre, the band were keen to remind the genre is not dead, leading into a medley mid set of many of the band who led the way with them, including the likes of Blink 182 and Green Day, before covering Fountains of Wayne’s track ‘Stacy’s Mom’.

Supporting the band on the night was long-time friend, MC Lars, a rapper more interested in Video Games and other nerd culture than the usual trimmings, and The Dollyrots, a three piece who brought some LA Rock & Roll over with them. Jarett invited out front-woman, Kelly Ogden for a duet ballad with ‘Love Ya, Love Ya, Love Ya’, which was a nice change in pace.

Bowling for Soup have stayed true to themselves for years, but with that they don’t offer anything new, with the on stage banter well practiced (but perhaps a little crude), this tour and this band are not about further refining the genre. The band will always remain relevant thanks to their contribution to Punk Rock, and with every youthful reminisce, they can never be forgotten. I had alot of fun and I certainly wasn’t the only one who did.

Titled as the ‘How About Another Round Tour’, the stage was set up as an old fashioned pub (complete with fully functioning bar), they promised new material in the future and I look forward to more from this band and hope they don’t call for last orders any time soon.

Lee Harman

Lots more photos can be found on Flickr here.

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