Kerrang! Tour Photos now up


After a good time away from photographing, it was a pleasant return to Manchester Academy 1 to photograph the Kerrang! Magazine tour.

Photos can be found here

Review will be coming to the Warrington Guardian (19th February)
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Kerrang! Tour, Manchester Academy 1
As Kerrang! Magazines annual tour rolls on through the UK, it is down to the Manchester crowd to show plenty of love on Valentines Day. Whereas last year we had the nu-metal legends, Limp Bizkit headlining, leading the charge of upcoming and established artists is Bedford’s own Don Broco.
First up however at the early time of 7pm was Beartooth, the first of two American bands and despite people still filtering into the vast space, their energetic performance especially by ex Attack Attack! Frontman, Caleb Shomo made many fans. Playing tracks from their debut album ‘Disgusting’, the band have a great potential and huge sound and won’t be long before they’re back in a venue this size.
Continuing with metalcore, after a quick turnaround, Bury Tomorrow initiated the first circle pit of the night, during their opening track, ‘Man on Fire’ and shouting ‘raise your hands in the air’, the crowd duly obliged. The band sounded as powerful as they do on record & halfway through the bands half hour, frontman Dani Winter-Bates promised to stand by the merch tables to high five every single person, shunning a increasing trend of paid meet & greets, still there as I left at the end of the night.The band are fast proving to be leaders in UK Metal-Core scene, and this is no doubt down to the domineering presence of the frontman as he pounded the stage.
Young Guns were announced via the Magazine just a few days before, as the secret band to be added to the tour. Curiously this meant they had a 15 minute set of just 3 songs to impress the crowd. Whilst they ended their set with anthemic track ‘Bones’, it was the opportunity to showcase the new songs they have been working on in Thailand. With the new album out in the summer, we look forward to the band claiming their place back on the top table.
With their pop rock sounds, a band that seemed out of place when Tour was first announced, were We Are The In Crowd. Led by Tay Jardine with a passing vocal resemblance to Paramore‘s Hayley Williams, they used this the opportunity to showcase the band to a new crowd and show they can compete with the other bands on the line up. Having looked on their facebook page a few days before, it seemed these New Yorkers were being awfully quiet, they reassured the Academy that they were taking time out to work on a new record.
With their 2nd album finally coming in the Summer (hurrah!) Don Broco looked the part as headliners, complete with CO2 gas on demand. Don Broco were sure to include some of the tools which have served them so well (push up squad, the walk), but also giving a taste of their new record. A tight a performance as would be expected, their sound and production was suitable to finish the night as strongly as it started.
Whilst the calibre of headliner may not have been close to the previous year (which admittedly was a coup and a half), each band brought something different, a perfect parable to the magazines output.

kerrang half

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